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The Effects Of carbohydrates In Diabetes

The most difficult part if you are diabetes is your diabetes food. Click here for more information You really need to know the right portion sizes and frequency. The blood sugar level needs to be monitored all the time. This means any foods that contain high carbohydrates such as sugar, starchy foods such as potatoes, dairy products, breads and cereal must be avoided.

The blood sugar level in your blood must be normal all the time. You can do this by avoiding high-contained carbohydrates but the problem is our body need carbohydrates in order to function well. Foods that contain high carbohydrates supply nutrients to our body. Therefore you cannot ignore carbohydrates.

All you need to do is to control diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can help a lot with maintaining your sugar level as well as your blood pressure. You can do a post meal sugar testing to check for any irregularity in your sugar level. You can always get the test kit from your doctor.

Other examples of nutrients that can be found in foods with high carbohydrates are fat, fiber and protein. If you take the wrong portions may cause sudden rise in your blood sugar level. To complicate things further, certain foods can cause a more dramatic blood glucose rise than others, even though they may have an equivalent amount of carbohydrates, gram-for-gram. This is attributable to the glycemic index(GI) or glycemic load (GL) of a food.

Foods with high GI will cause your blood sugar to rise higher compare to foods with low GI. Each individual with diabetes have different response to foods portions and frequency. It is important that you have the home blood testing so that you can do it yourself anytime. Keep on changing your meal pattern until finally you find the best option.

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